History of Nishijima Washi


⼭紫⽔明の地、甲斐の⻄嶋で⽣まれた望⽉清兵衛が 国主 武⽥信⽞の任により、


Records indicate that the origins of Nishijima Washi date back to 1571.
Seibei Mochizuki, who was born in the picturesque area of Nishijima in Kai, was ordered
by the lord Takeda Shingen to learn the craft of making Shuzenji washi paper from
mitsumata paper mulberry trees in the village of Tatsuno, Tagata District,
Izu no Kuni (today Shuzenji, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture).
He then brought these papermaking techniques back to his hometown,
and a history of more than 400 years was born.



「墨⾊の発⾊」 「にじみ⼯合」 「筆ざわり」等に特に優れていることから
⻄嶋和紙は全国の書道家や 書道愛好家に珍重・愛⽤されています。


Today it is famous for the production of washi paper used in calligraphy,
which offers outstanding ink coloration, blotting, and brush strokes.
Nishijima washi paper is prized and used by calligraphers and calligraphy enthusiasts throughout Japan.







Nishijima Washi Studio


⻄島和紙⼯房は、笠井雅樹(かさいまさき)と英(えい)の夫婦ふたりの⼿漉き和 紙⼯房です。


Nishijima Washi Studio Nishijima Washi Studio is operated by the husband-and-wife team of Masaki and Ei Kasai.
The studio is located in Nishijima, Minobu Town, Yamanashi Prefecture.
With views of Mount Fuji to the east and the Fuji River, one of Japan's three fastest-flowing rivers,
running through its center, Minobu Town is blessed with natural beauty.


素材を⼤切に活かした 紙づくりをしています。


I was born into a paper-making family in Nishijima, Minobu Town.
I made gasenshi (Chinese Xuan paper) for calligraphy. I honed my skills by producing hundreds of
sheets of uniform and beautiful paper of the same thickness each day.
In 1989, I went independent and established Nishijima Washi Studio in the search for new possibilities for washi.
Later, I became acquainted with Ei, who studied glassmaking at an art university in Tokyo and
practiced glass blowing in Yamanashi, and together we launched a new paper-making workshop.
Nishijima Washi Studio now crafts paper that carefully utilizes materials based on long-established traditional techniques.
We make our paper from the kozo and mitsumata trees and use wild grasses and trees for materials
and dyes.We also make our own papermaking tools to create paper with original designs that convey
gentleness, warmth, and the breath of nature.



We make our paper every day with the hope that it will add a little joy and enrichment to the lives of the people who use it.





We make our paper every day with the hope that it will add a little joy and enrichment to the lives of the people who use it.